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WELCOME TO Steampunk Café & Grill

A Telegram to the Time-Traveling Tastemaker!

Hark! Have a burning query or a whimsical thought you’d like to share with the grand orchestrator of this steampunk symphony? Fancy a tête-à-tête with the visionary Karen herself? Well, you’re in luck! Our pneumatic post system (or as the modern folks call it, the ‘Contact Us’ section) is all geared up and ready to transport your messages straight to Karen’s desk, where she eagerly awaits your telegrams. Whether it’s a riddle about our “Neo-Victorian Nachos”, a sonnet inspired by our “Clockwork Cocktails”, or just a good old-fashioned “How do you do?”, Karen’s always up for a chinwag. So, don your quill (or keyboard) and dispatch your thoughts, queries, and steam-powered sentiments her way. And remember, in the vast realm of SteamPunk Cafe and Grill, every message is a treasure, and every word is a gem. So, don’t be shy; drop Karen a line and make some steam-tastic memories! #TelegramsToKaren!

20324 W Valley Blvd Tehachapi, CA 93561, US